Living being !

Exactly you never know, Many people are going through many things. Nobody is perfect stop judging them, if you really want to help people so start listening them. Make your listening powers more better and clear.

Sometimes you dont need someone to give you piece of advice but sometimes you really need someone to listen you thats all …..

In this world where many people seems happy and high in their lives but on other side many of them are going through many things you never know .

So Stop peeking in someone else Shirts start looking into yours, I guess it will help you buddies.

Be a human & take others as human beings too.

There is lot of depression in this world so start helping others and take them out from it.


Insaaf !

Finally a best and biggest decision has been made by our PM Imran Khan , All of us was waiting for this moment and this kind of decision since ages and we finally heard the good news.

PM Imran Khan put forward his decision to resolve the death penalty for people involved in child abuse cases .He shared his views on the matter during the federal cabinet meeting this week. During the session Ministry of Human Rights ,Ministry of Law and most importantly the Interior Ministry were addressed by the PM. All the Ministries were given the task and responsibilities to examine, investigate and analyse the existing laws regarding child abuse and other violent subjects.

So If you really want your Nation to be Strong make sure your Laws are strong👊 now its time to defeat the crime and rise up like a one nation, Support the victims and bring the criminal behind the jail bars. #missiononway

Pakistan Zindabad 💚

Less Human More Animals!

What’s Going on ???

Where are we exactly going???

Are we turn into Animals ,no more humans exist in this world????

Do we really deserve this ?

Rape,Child abuse and harassment …..

Is this normal for our society now ? No law control such things?

Are we such a weak state ???

And the last question…..who will answer these questions to us ?

Recently I was scrolling down and I saw the post related to 10 year old young girl Farishta was raped and murdered, it took me 3 days wrote all about this .This is not something normal it again reminds me about Zainab murder case 😦 ……

Kyu hai zulm ki inteha kya hum insan nahe rahay ya janwar ab bastay hein ?

I never thought that this would happened in most safest city and capital of Pakistan. What we are waiting for ??? Another then another and then annnother one till it comes to us ??? When our government, our people and our society will wake ???

Crime Act law tw baray bani jaty hein aik law ya kyu nahe banaty jab bh koi kisi bhen beti k sath asa karay usko chook mein latka dia jai shaid is say zakham par thora sakoon milay asay zalim k sath zulm ho asa k koi phr zalim paida na hu is jahan mein .

We really want justice! Its enough now …..!!!!!

Pajama Day 🌸

So as a teacher we have to engage kids in many activities such as celebrating different days and doing activities with them ,….that makes their mind and body relax which is really good for children. They really need some relaxation sometimes so that their mind and body stay strong and active .

So today we celebrated Pajama day with kids ,They have to come with one bed time story book or any other stuff toys day and it made their day ♥️ They all were so happy and relaxed in their Pajamies and were looking supper dupperrr cuties 🌸

In teaching profession I learned many things however teaching was not my profession but after entering in teaching profession many things open my eyes which is really useful for our future ,the young girls must know and parents also. I will discuss and explain more facts about teaching and about good and bad teacher in some other special topic, helpful for beginners or mother .

For now on this topic ends here with lots of fun 🌸

We had great fun today ♥️

Dark Nights !

I Have Loved The Stars

Too Foundly

To Be

Fearful Of The Night ! #sarawilliams

Everynight I look up in the sky and start finding myself and questioning to myself …. who am I ? Whats the reason I am here ? Why I was born? What are my goals ? What I am finding and what I got ? Where my life is taking me ??….In your life you meet many people ,some were really good with you and some treated you in a bad way but how we judge them ? They were good with you and treated you well so they are good people and others did not treated you well so they are bad people ? Crime and criminal both exist in this world but human also do exist inside us stop killing that human.Give people their own spaces you can not control some else life, let people be wrong or right. Start finding yourself from inside stop looking into people eyes their judgments wont stop but you can stop yourself .

Look into the mirror beautiful, you are not old ,ugly, fatty or psychopath you are you and no body else can be you .You are hero of your own life you are author of your own life book ,If you regret to your past dont worry still its not to late you are the author come on lets write another story but this time ina better way so that you can feel peace inside you. One day you have to face the world alone so getup and lets do it !! Thats what we really want to listen so why not start motivating ourselves instead of expectations.

Nobody is forever in this world ,one life ,one world and only one chance .It is so much darkness inside everyone , everyone is going through many things.If they look lively,happy,drunk,cheerful and social it doesn’t mean they are really like that,just take a minute and stop judging them and think about yourself where you belong , everybody is already struggling for finding happiness. The journey from life to death is not easy for everyone . If you start hearing others problems instead of judgements ,your problems and pain will start decreasing because world is hidding lots of pain inside themselves 💔

Let the stars dancing

Let the rain wash away all the wounds

Let us change others dark pages into colourful ones like a rainbow spreads colours up in the sky

Let this Dark Night turn into Star Nights !! @noordaily16 👾


Thanks for joining me!


I’m Noor ….

and I’m about to set off on a new journey name Blogging so let be friends and help each other to grow♥️

I am ordinary girl trying to express the problems of our society and sharing youth inspiration,Love, success and much more on list.

Show some love, I’m not perfect nor professional still learning how to live, just sharing crazy thoughts.

Love to motivate people and be motivated, give people multiple reasons for what they want to do and value themselves.

“IF You Dont See Yourself As A Winner ,Then You Can Not Perform As A Winner.”