Dark Nights !

I Have Loved The Stars

Too Foundly

To Be

Fearful Of The Night ! #sarawilliams

Everynight I look up in the sky and start finding myself and questioning to myself …. who am I ? Whats the reason I am here ? Why I was born? What are my goals ? What I am finding and what I got ? Where my life is taking me ??….In your life you meet many people ,some were really good with you and some treated you in a bad way but how we judge them ? They were good with you and treated you well so they are good people and others did not treated you well so they are bad people ? Crime and criminal both exist in this world but human also do exist inside us stop killing that human.Give people their own spaces you can not control some else life, let people be wrong or right. Start finding yourself from inside stop looking into people eyes their judgments wont stop but you can stop yourself .

Look into the mirror beautiful, you are not old ,ugly, fatty or psychopath you are you and no body else can be you .You are hero of your own life you are author of your own life book ,If you regret to your past dont worry still its not to late you are the author come on lets write another story but this time ina better way so that you can feel peace inside you. One day you have to face the world alone so getup and lets do it !! Thats what we really want to listen so why not start motivating ourselves instead of expectations.

Nobody is forever in this world ,one life ,one world and only one chance .It is so much darkness inside everyone , everyone is going through many things.If they look lively,happy,drunk,cheerful and social it doesn’t mean they are really like that,just take a minute and stop judging them and think about yourself where you belong , everybody is already struggling for finding happiness. The journey from life to death is not easy for everyone . If you start hearing others problems instead of judgements ,your problems and pain will start decreasing because world is hidding lots of pain inside themselves 💔

Let the stars dancing

Let the rain wash away all the wounds

Let us change others dark pages into colourful ones like a rainbow spreads colours up in the sky

Let this Dark Night turn into Star Nights !! @noordaily16 👾