Weak or blamed?

Women is weakest creature of God creations but not as much as blamed.In Asian states I think women is more stronger then any other state because they are lack of their own rights but still fighting for themselves everyday every moment ……

According to Dailytimes Pakistan As per current estimates, Pakistan loses 14000 women die in childbirth every year exact deaths every 37 minutes. And Pakistan is fighting for the solutions, not only this she faces millions of problems years but she wont show it to you because she think its a shame

Today’s Woman is not less then a Man ,they have same energy, stamana to manage house chores, handling children, listening and doing husband duties or you can say more stamana because they cant do things one at a time but women have super power to manage everything even you can take examples of our Asian moms ♥️

Man wants to live in peace but Woman gives her all peace and finish her ownself just to see everybody happy and living in peace 🌸

So Respect a Women She’s a Gem of your house.



Girl with lots of goals and dreams inside her , exploring the world by finding her own ways. I'm tough, ambitious and I believe in being strong when everything seems to be wrong .👊

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