Lost In Woods

Today’s Blog is written on a boy, the boy who lost in wood and finding his way out but don’t want to go back…..Trying and trying, again and again ….thinking that one day he will be free and make his own ways by himself.

Sometimes we trap ourselves where there is no way out but only you can make it possible and find that door from where you can come out.

A boy who is running from all the noises of his town and finding his own ways, he’s tired, he’s injured but still not giving up ….because he thinks and believe in the end he will find his destination one day where he belongs and where he deserves to live in peace.

The Days are passing and day by day he’s facing more difficulties around himself more then he thought about it ….He’s alone, scared and all the scars on his body but still not giving up …..! And one day he found the deepest forest and planned to live there forever and never going back to town again , he started finding his own happiness in that deep forest. He knows that it’s difficult to serve here all life but hiding was the last option he got ??? Is that really no other way ? How he could do that to himself ??? ….. Exactly …..

These are the main questions so the answer is …..

#forest Represents your thoughts, #deepwoods Represents your inner soul ,your depression from where you don’t want to come out and that #boy Represents you …..If you really want to run from your problems so would you run away and hide in deep woods too??? Or take a courage along with yourself and accept the challenge?

So take a deep breath and think about it many of us lost many things in that deep forest just because of lack of self-confidence and courage. Because We think we don’t deserve it ? Because we don’t have anything?……

And thats not the solution. Accept the challenges in your life and tell the world who you actually are …. Nobody can let you down until you let your self-esteem down. There is never too late there is never end , atleast you have a right to write your own ending with this sign ✌….atleast I made it for myself. 100 people will dislike you, if out of 100 only 10 people appreciate you ,trust me you own the world. 🌍

#lifelessons#nursays#saveyourselves 🌸


Girl with lots of goals and dreams inside her , exploring the world by finding her own ways. I'm tough, ambitious and I believe in being strong when everything seems to be wrong .👊

11 thoughts on “Lost In Woods

  1. In order to establish a nerrative you have to present an authority of a reason linking to an example. You started with a story and ended that story into a motivational speech. The message is perfect, just be more creative with words.

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