Kyu k Tum Aik Larki Ho …!

-Ouncha Maat bolo kyu k tum larki ho …

-Adjust karlo; kyu k tum larki ho…

-Usski Izat ko fark nae paray ga, tumhri ko paray ga, kyu k tum larki ho …

-khana pakana seekh lo; kyu k tum aik larki ho …

-Tumhain compromise karna paray ga har halat mein; kyu k tum larki ho …

-Zaida maat hasso kyu k tum larki ho …

-Sabar karlo kyu k tum larki ho …

-Career ki qurbani day do, kyu k tum larki zaat ho …

-Patli ho jao kyu k tum larki ho …

-Sharam Karo kyu k tum larki ho …


When this going to end??? We have to end this and stop killing our dreams.Some of us will stop this but most of us are still living with Kyu K Tum Aik Larki ho … Let us live our own dreams , own life and own goals…Give them respect and love not only for one day or when she is your someone but give all women equally respect and love the way they deserve.

Social Agenda:

Social media is showing so called feminism with such kind of pointless, shameless agenda described and captured below, they are not only destroying society but our young generation too. If you really want to show love for women then give them rights, give them respect and give them their dreams 🌸

Vulgarity and nakedness is not a way nor a solution what we are showing to the world, it’s not solution actually it’s a main cause of problems.

Give your women confidence and make them stand for what’s right and fight for their own rights instead of destroying them with foolish advices. 👊


Girl with lots of goals and dreams inside her , exploring the world by finding her own ways. I'm tough, ambitious and I believe in being strong when everything seems to be wrong .👊

18 thoughts on “Kyu k Tum Aik Larki Ho …!

  1. Mughay apnay barno sy uncha nhi bolna kyn ky main aik musalman larka hno
    Main apnay wo dream puray nhi krsakta jo islam ny mana karay hain kyn ky main aik musalman larka
    Jis qome ky mard azad na hno us qome ki aurtain kis azadi ki baat krti hain
    Ya azadi amrica or Europe sy shuru hoi thi or aj hum unkay rastay pr chal kr azadi ki baat krtain hain
    Kyn ky hamain ghulam to banna hy cha hy wo America Europe ho deen islam
    Mera aik sawal hy ky aurtain apna kuch alag invent kyn nhi krti jo mard nhi krsaktay mardno ny car chalai tu aurtno ny bhi car chalani hy mardno ny ya kya hum bhi karain isko azadi nhi rees kehtay hain
    Mairi nazer main aurat aik alag makam rakhti hy or mard aik alag makam ya aik nhi hy
    Jis tarah 2 parosio ky bachay aik jaise nhi hotay lakin unkay ma bap 1 dosaray ki baat krtay rehtay hain

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    1. Im totally agree with you my friend jo Islam nay izat aurat or mard ko dee hai wo kisi nay nae de par aj kal k dur mein na aurat ko islam k mutabit masharay mein izat mil rahe na islam k mutabit mard wo mukam bna raha ….Islam tw Muhabat ka naam hai jo kafar ko bh apni muhabat mein Musalman kar day zaburdasti tw sirf Nafrat ko paida karti hai ….agar mard aurat ka mukam or aurat mard ka mukam jaan jai tw Duniya Jannat mein badal jai gee aik din 🌸
      Jis mulk mein betiyun bheno k sath gharo mein zulum huta hu wo bhar neckal k apnay paun par khari bh hu jayain tu iska hargaz matlb nae k wo mard ka mukabla kar rahe bal k wo khud apnay leye apnay bachun k leye mard ban rahe jo us time wo mard na ban saka jisko bna chaheye tha kyu k aj ki duniya kisi jungle say kam nae hai aik aurat k le.

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      1. I am agree with you apki souch achi ap apnay blogs ky zariya logno ko samjhati rahain acha kam kr rahi hain

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  2. Women roar? Really? I never knew. This debate is huge yet Men cannot win this war with women haggling. The outcry you tried to describe has been manipulated in many ways. Do not for second, try to pin this on all men if someone has disturbed your inner peace. Islam has the answers to all the qeiries. The problem with Pakistani women is that they are caught up with the norms and the boundaries of religion. They want to follow european culture to live a life like them. But truth of the fact is Pakistani girls are not upto that caliber in any sense of the way. No offense. They are bound to a culture, a religious anatomy which they cannot leave. No matter how liberal a woman can get in Pakistan she cannot become a European. Now coming back to the real query, all men and women who are cruel and cheaters must be dealt equally. Who says men dont respect women? If a woman wants to be respected no man on earth can disrespect her.
    You form culture with education, respect and rich culture. This post in particular is a polluted glitch of a stubborn thought that if a woman go liberal she can save the world. Women dont roar “ women make a society” women make generations. Women are the future. If you really wanna read about it, read my book which I wrote on my daughters. See how a woman can rip apart a loving heart and destroy future of her own kids. Its not about men or women its about knowing who you are.

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    1. Woeh That was awesome debate you got impressive I wont disagree with you ,Women is backbone of our society she make a society or she can ruins the future of your new generation…. And where did i actually use the word of islam or pakistan even I stood against our social media who is showing vulgarity in the name of feminism ….Islam is pure and Islam has given all rights to women clearly defined but do you really think that our middle class or lower class get all these rights ? We always think and look only those people who are around us but there are manu untold stories which never come across ….My post doesnt mean to show or create any competition against men or Islam ,It clearly means don’t crush there dream,give them confidence and let them be themselves they are flower of your garden so protect them dont squeeze them ….regard them for their efforts at last “women make a society”.🌸 And surely i love to read your books too .


  3. In my experience, a woman’s scarf or a man’s beard do not ensure their morals. Living in a western society as a Muslim, I have found that you can stick to your norms even nobody is there is to restrict you but yourself. On the other hand, when people under strict scrutiny get a chance, they often end up overdoing things. Rather than being forced to adopt certain values, people should be convinced about right and wrong.

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