Pajama Day 🌸

So as a teacher we have to engage kids in many activities such as celebrating different days and doing activities with them ,….that makes their mind and body relax which is really good for children. They really need some relaxation sometimes so that their mind and body stay strong and active .

So today we celebrated Pajama day with kids ,They have to come with one bed time story book or any other stuff toys day and it made their day ♥️ They all were so happy and relaxed in their Pajamies and were looking supper dupperrr cuties 🌸

In teaching profession I learned many things however teaching was not my profession but after entering in teaching profession many things open my eyes which is really useful for our future ,the young girls must know and parents also. I will discuss and explain more facts about teaching and about good and bad teacher in some other special topic, helpful for beginners or mother .

For now on this topic ends here with lots of fun 🌸

We had great fun today ♥️


Girl with lots of goals and dreams inside her , exploring the world by finding her own ways. I'm tough, ambitious and I believe in being strong when everything seems to be wrong .👊

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