And That Is What You Call A Life…!

Nobody is perfect in this world nor our lives we learn from mistakes, over come with your mistakes and start taking challenges.

You fall many times in your life but once when you learn how to getup and pick yourself up, you become stronger and wiser for each trouble you pass.

And I have A Strong Believe in this that All people have been born with certain God gifted abilities, You just have to find yours and show the world what can you do.

Nobody Can Understand your emotions but your work and your achievements can show them what inside you, so stop begging for sympathy and start working on yourselves.

I believe one day your work will be spoken to those who never believe in you.

Life is not piece of cake but if you believe in yourself , you can bake that cake by yourself and eat it up !


Lost In Woods

Today’s Blog is written on a boy, the boy who lost in wood and finding his way out but really don’t want to go back either…..Trying and trying, again and again ….thinking that one day he will be free and make his own ways by himself.

Sometimes we trap ourselves where there is no way out but only you can make it possible and find that door from where you can come out.

A boy who is running from all the noises of his town and finding his own ways, he’s tired, he’s injured but still not giving up ….because he thinks and believe in the end he will find his destination some day where he belongs and where he deserves to live in peace.

The Days are passing and day by day he’s facing more difficulties around himself more then he thought about it ….He’s alone, scared and all the scars on his body but still not giving up …..! And one day he found the deepest forest and planned to live there forever and never going back to town again , he started finding his own happiness in that deep forest. He knows that it’s difficult to serve here all life but hiding was the last option he get ??? Is that really no other way ? How he could do that to himself ??? ….. Exactly …..

These are the main questions so the answer is …..

#forest Represents your thoughts, #deepwoods Represents your inner soul ,your depression from where you don’t want to come out and that #boy Represents you …..If you really want to run from your problems so would you run away and hide in deep woods too??? Or take a courage along with yourself and accept the challenge?

So take a deep breath and think about it many of us lost many things in that deep forest just because of lack of self-confidence and courage. Because We think we don’t deserve it ? Because we don’t have anything?……

And thats not the solution. Accept the challenges in your life and tell the world who you actually are …. Nobody can let you down until you let your self-esteem down. There is never too late there is never end , atleast you have a right to write your own ending with this sign ✌….atleast I made it for myself. 100 people will dislike you, if out of 100 only 10 people appreciate you ,trust me you own the world. 🌍

#lifelessons#nursays#saveyourselves 🌸

Kyu k Tum Aik Larki Ho …!

-Ouncha Maat bolo kyu k tum larki ho …

-Adjust karlo; kyu k tum larki ho…

-Usski Izat ko fark nae paray ga, tumhri ko paray ga, kyu k tum larki ho …

-khana pakana seekh lo; kyu k tum aik larki ho …

-Tumhain compromise karna paray ga har halat mein; kyu k tum larki ho …

-Zaida maat hasso kyu k tum larki ho …

-Sabar karlo kyu k tum larki ho …

-Career ki qurbani day do, kyu k tum larki zaat ho …

-Patli ho jao kyu k tum larki ho …

-Sharam Karo kyu k tum larki ho …


When this going to end??? We have to end this and stop killing our dreams.Some of us will stop this but most of us are still living with Kyu K Tum Aik Larki ho … Let us live our own dreams , own life and own goals…Give them respect and love not only for one day or when she is your someone but give all women equally respect and love the way they deserve.

Social Agenda:

Social media is showing so called feminism with such kind of pointless, shameless agenda described and captured below, they are not only destroying society but our young generation too. If you really want to show love for women then give them rights, give them respect and give them their dreams 🌸

Vulgarity and nakedness is not a way nor a solution what we are showing to the world, it’s not solution actually it’s a main cause of problems.

Give your women confidence and make them stand for what’s right and fight for their own rights instead of destroying them with foolish advices. 👊

Living being !

Exactly you never know, Many people are going through many things. Nobody is perfect stop judging them, if you really want to help people so start listening them. Make your listening powers more better and clear.

Sometimes you dont need someone to give you piece of advice but sometimes you really need someone to listen you thats all …..

In this world where many people seems happy and high in their lives but on other side many of them are going through many things you never know .

So Stop peeking in someone else Shirts start looking into yours, I guess it will help you buddies.

Be a human & take others as human beings too.

There is lot of depression in this world so start helping others and take them out from it.


Insaaf !

Finally a best and biggest decision has been made by our PM Imran Khan , All of us was waiting for this moment and this kind of decision since ages and we finally heard the good news.

PM Imran Khan put forward his decision to resolve the death penalty for people involved in child abuse cases .He shared his views on the matter during the federal cabinet meeting this week. During the session Ministry of Human Rights ,Ministry of Law and most importantly the Interior Ministry were addressed by the PM. All the Ministries were given the task and responsibilities to examine, investigate and analyse the existing laws regarding child abuse and other violent subjects.

So If you really want your Nation to be Strong make sure your Laws are strong👊 now its time to defeat the crime and rise up like a one nation, Support the victims and bring the criminal behind the jail bars. #missiononway

Pakistan Zindabad 💚

Less Human More Animals!

What’s Going on ???

Where are we exactly going???

Are we turn into Animals ,no more humans exist in this world????

Do we really deserve this ?

Rape,Child abuse and harassment …..

Is this normal for our society now ? No law control such things?

Are we such a weak state ???

And the last question…..who will answer these questions to us ?

Recently I was scrolling down and I saw the post related to 10 year old young girl Farishta was raped and murdered, it took me 3 days wrote all about this .This is not something normal it again reminds me about Zainab murder case 😦 ……

Kyu hai zulm ki inteha kya hum insan nahe rahay ya janwar ab bastay hein ?

I never thought that this would happened in most safest city and capital of Pakistan. What we are waiting for ??? Another then another and then annnother one till it comes to us ??? When our government, our people and our society will wake ???

Crime Act law tw baray bani jaty hein aik law ya kyu nahe banaty jab bh koi kisi bhen beti k sath asa karay usko chook mein latka dia jai shaid is say zakham par thora sakoon milay asay zalim k sath zulm ho asa k koi phr zalim paida na hu is jahan mein .

We really want justice! Its enough now …..!!!!!

Pajama Day 🌸

So as a teacher we have to engage kids in many activities such as celebrating different days and doing activities with them ,….that makes their mind and body relax which is really good for children. They really need some relaxation sometimes so that their mind and body stay strong and active .

So today we celebrated Pajama day with kids ,They have to come with one bed time story book or any other stuff toys .

This day made their day ♥️ They all were so happy and relaxed in their Pajamies and were looking supper dupperrr cuties 🌸

In teaching profession I learned many things however teaching was not my profession but after entering in teaching professional many things opened my eyes which is really useful for our future ,the young girls must know and patents also. I will discuss and explain more facts about teaching and about good and bad teacher in some other special topic, helpful for beginners or mother .

For now on this topic ends here with lots of fun 🌸

We had great fun today ♥️

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